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Caleb Fox

Caleb Fox

Caleb Fox is a DJ and producer from Vancouver, Canada. He started playing records when he was in high school and hasn’t been able to kick the habit since. One of his favorite quotations is “the more it stays the same the better it gets –” which is what one of his friends told his dad after throwing an all-night techno party in the basement of their house many years ago. Since that night not much has changed, and you can find Caleb playing (sometimes peculiar) techno music at places like the Lotus, Open Studios, Franklin Room and the Anza Club. Influenced by the labels Border Community, Perlon, and Dumb Unit and inspired by the work of artists like Mark Henning, Radioslave, Cassy and James Holden – Caleb strives to give even the greatest of chin-strokers something to think about during his sets. And one thing is for certain, he remains highly susceptible to ghetto clap samples. More recently, Caleb has started to work with several close friends under the guise of 4Corners throwing parties in the city as well as playing out with the Subversive team. Time spent spacing out with Ableton Live has also begun to slowly pay off and you can catch some of Caleb’s productions at the music blog

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