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Dan Bull

Dan Bull

It has been a long journey to where Dan sits musically.  With 15 years of dj’ing under his belt, he has seen trends come and go.  One thing that has stayed consistent is his passion for house music.  His love for the art of dj’ing and sharing the music he loves with others has stood the test of time and taken him to some of dance music’s great haunts.  

From small underground clubs, to large parties and festivals, Dan has played alongside some of dance music’s heaviest hitters. In collaboration with Jay Tripwire, he has released music that has been charted and played by the likes of John Digweed, Danny Howells, and Evil Eddie Richards, to name a few. While he would describe his sound as “firmly rooted in house,” you can always expect to hear from him an eclectic mix of it’s variations. 
“The gift of playing music for other like-minded people is one I never take for granted.  I’m truly at my happiest when I exchange a glance with somebody who is feeling exactly what I am from a record that completely moves me.  Music is the first and last thing I think about everyday.  It is how I define every moment  of my life…it is a soundtrack to every experience.”

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