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Jay Tripwire

jay tripwire dj

Always sitting slightly off-centre, Jay Tripwire is an artist that walks the line as industry staple and ever changing innovator, releasing one standout release after another. His signature fusion of deep Detroit textures and intricate rhythms has led a career spanning two decades, 200 releases and four full length albums. He remains one of the most prolific artists around, with 18 EP’s in 2010 and a whole host of remixes.

Most recently he’s completed a compilation mix for respected label Pokerflat – ‘Vol.8’ which features a blend of deep house ranging from Detroit inspired textures to modern European house and tech house fusions, blurring genrefication. This follows releases on the label under his 8Channels name – a project that melds basic channel, soul and dub into a new hybrid soundscape of techno, deep house and dub. The moniker also appears on other highly regarded labels such as Ransom Note, NRK and Hallucination.

Residing in Vancouver, he’s currently challenging himself with a coveted residency at the new Fortune Sound Club, where he also pushes his Experience party, booking talent such as Osunlade, Chez Damier, Doc Martin, Alix Alvarez and Ron Trent. Jay himself has more than earned his stripes as a DJ. Whilst the term ‘legendary’ is often bandied about with little thought, in Jay’s case we could say just that – his personal arsenal of re-edits and comfort in arranging extended DJ sets lasting eight hours or more certainly demonstrates a talent that deviates from standard fare.

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