"Underground music for the open minded"

Subversive Music Vancouver

TJ Hooker


Tom’s love of music was obvious at a very young age; while his peers were busy playing Nientendo, Tom was playing Frank Zappa records on his dad’s Technics sl-1000. His passion for music lead him to the drum kit, where his early progressive rock and jazz influences were on display full throttle. Tom’s desire to expand his musical horizons introduced him to hip-hop and Graffiti, which consumed him until the day he got his copy of the seminal electronic album by Tyler Stadius, “Fabric 06″. Things were never the same after that…

Tom Jeffrey emerged into Vancouver’s underground house and techno scene in 2006 as TJ Hooker, bringing with him a captivating style of house and techno that has set him apart from the rest, especially in Vancouver’s underground electronic music scene. From back than to now, he has already dominated numerous clubs, raves, warehouses, beach parties, and festivals with his diverse collection of music. Heavily influenced by the basement sounds that come out of the infamous club Berghain, and labels like Ostgut Ton, Sandwell District, Stroboscopic, Coincidence, and Prologue, you can expect his selections to be dark and gritty, raw and stripped down, bass driven and industrial, his sound is deep portal, intelligent techno, that generate an incomparable vibe on the dance floor. While on the other side of things, his timeless selections of Detroit influenced deep house, dub, acid, rare groove, allows Tom to play at any venue and to please any crowd.

TJ is the man behind Vancouver’s successful Techno production/crews under the name of Subversive and can be found playing in dark warehouse spaces with international talents and locals like Peter Van Hoesen, Kevin Saunderson, Stacey Pullen, DVS1, Luke Hess, Rick Wade, Dirt Crew, Evil Eddie Richards, AdultNapper, Deepchild, Alland Byallo, Limacon, James Teej, Justin Martin, Mieka Du Franx, Tyler Stadius, Scott W and Mike McSuede.

Tom’s passion to take people on an unparalleled journey through his masterful mixing and impeccable track selections has composed a dedicated fan base which thrives on the unmatched feeling he creates in his sets. His vision to bring people together through his underground grooves ensures that wherever TJ
Hooker is, the night is sure to have a memorable vibe like no other.

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