ca-0427-469248-frontSATURDAY APRIL 27, 2013                  1320 East Hastings Street,   Vancouver

We at Subversive will try anything once, twice if we like it, and three times just to make sure. Each and every time we have heard him play he has simply blown us away! and so on April 27th we are honoured to have, once again, the amazing skills DVS1 in the house.
Zak aka DVS1(devious one), is one of the most prominent figures in the Midwest/US dance music landscape today. DVS1 moves dancefloors with a combination of deep musical knowledge, unparalleled enthusiasm, and a vinyl collection of well over 10,000 records. Zak’s deep roots and his bold and uncompromising nature have won him great respect as a passionate and outspoken defender and promoter of quality music! DVS1 can be heard in the world’s greatest temples and festivals of underground music…Berghain, Fabric, DEMF to name but a few… if you’re lucky, he can also be found far off the beaten path. Be lucky! Join us for the amazing energy, the deep and complex rhythms of DVS1 at 1320 East Hastings.   A portion of the net proceeds of this event will be donated to Directions Youth Services



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