FRED P. — STEVE SUMMERS — with Caleb Fox

FredPSteveS_11x17“Our music is everything. Our music has no true definition other than its ability to bring us together, to unify such diverse people into one true vibe and one global meaning… This movement is often a catalyst to people becoming enriched with a wide array of expression and freedom. By going out and celebrating our lives through dance and social interaction, we break the shackles and the oppression of our governments and cleanse ourselves of the corrupt messages that are constantly trying to brainwash each and every one of us… Be true, be unified and stand up against the powers that be. Our parties are renegade, our world is mystical…”
- TJ Hooker

Subversive presents
Steve Summers ( Confused House, L.I.E.S)
Fred P.   a.k.a. Black Jazz Consortium ( Soul People Music)
With local support from:
Caleb Fox (Subversive)

Visuals By BentMatter

Open Studios
252 East 1st Avenue
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Advance Tickets $20 -  more at the door
Puff / Beatstreet
and online tickets at Leisure Collective:

See you on the dancefloor!

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