Subversive presents: Daniel Bell (Accelerate, Detroit)

Austin Phillips

visuals by: Pixelwrangler

The Subversive crew is honoured to welcome a true musical hero of ours back to Vancouver! The incomparable Daniel Bell! Absorbing influences of Chicago and avant garde minimalism Daniel Bell took it upon himself to create a sound that changed the course of electronic music. A reaction to the rave music of the time, where over the top stage shows and style had started to reign over substance, Bell looked back to the finer elements in sound and composition to produce what became to be known as, minimal techno. For some the phrase is a pair of dirty words, but tune in to the work he released under the DBX moniker and you’ll be hip to what the true sound of the genre was formed on; a solid, maddening level of groove.

Since his early days as a producer and part of the burgeoning empire of Hawtin’s Plus 8 label, Bell has gone on to play roles both on and off stage. Whether that was from his studio, imparting a new sound on the techno world with 1994’s ‘Losing Control’ or from his business role, behind the formation of some of the most influential labels in electronic music’s history. With both Shake’s Frictional and Dopplereffekt’s Dataphysix imprints – Bell sent shockwaves through the system and he’s been at the heart of some of the most exciting and influential music in electronic history.

$20 in advance

Advance Tickets at:

$25 at the door

Subversive and Personal Space present: NYE 2015!

a bold leap into the future!
with DJ’s

Nancy Dru (Subversive)
Myte (Subversive)
DJ D. DEE (Pacific Rhythm)
Vanishing Point [Snailrider vs. Robin Banks] (DE Radio)

visuals by C-130 (Ian Ross)

Doors at 9pm

1st 50 at $25
next 50 at $30
next 50 at $35
$40 at the door.

Quality music from a fine selection of this town’s skilled DJ’s.
don’t sleep on this! :)


Subversive_EFDEMIN2014Saturday November 8,2014

Subversive is “holy $h!t” excited to present:

EFDEMIN (Dial, Curle, Ostgut Ton -Berlin, DE)

If any of you caught this master at Mutek 2013 or Decibel 2014 we know he needs no introduction. If not, this is your chance to hear one the Subversive crew’s very favourites. This is a dream come true for us. And if you come on this trip… you will definitely hear why! :)

tickets $20 in advance
@ Resident Advisor
$25 at the door

doors @ 10pm
Open Studios – 252 East 1st Avenue


ABDULLA RASHIM (Prologue, Northern Electronics)

Open Studios
252 East 1st Ave

tickets: $20 in advance

$25 @ the door

doors @ 10pm

ABDULLA RASHIM (Prologue, Northern Electronics)
Submerged in both rhythm and mystery, Abdulla Rashim’s shadowy aesthetic floats in balance with his uncompromising work. Wholly dedicated to his ideas and sound, Rashim’s quest for renewal and the importance of his craft has reflected well both internationally and locally, where he is praised alike. A listening ear and pure emotion is what his rhythms demand and what keeps him on top of his mission.

For Abdulla Rashim electronic music is not just a fashionable pursuit. On Abdulla Rahim Records, Prologue and his new label Northern Electronics,
he floats out earthy psychedelia with a sense of wonder and weirdness in every crevasse that’s manna to an audience starved for such individuality in techno.

Myte loves music. A classically trained pianist, her love of the dance and fun led her early and often to the turntables to explore a whole different world of sound. Myte’s keen ear for exquisite grooves and a reverence for both the sound’s roots and its evolution, soon found her spinning the finest of house and techno in front of happy revelers. Her name became synonymous with amazing music at Vancouver’s best underground club nights, outdoor festivals, and intimate after-hours.

For several years now, Myte has also been an integral part of Vancouver’s celebrated Subversive crew, playing alongside such greats as DVS1, Marcel Fengler, Stacey Pullen, Mike Parker, Rolando, Peter Van Hoesen, and Dj Qu among others. Each Myte set is a beautiful journey through sounds. Sometimes mystical and deep, sometimes pounding and cathartic, but always with an artful groove; the soul of the sound. She plays what moves her and it is this passion that is contagious.


The audible emotion that Austin creates behind the decks and the clever creations he devises in his studio reflect his inner musical guru. Setting the soundscape of many of Subversive’s events…playing alongside such greats as Shed, Cio D’Or, DVS1, Peter Van Hoesen, and Eddie Richards… Vancouver’s underground has come to love Austin… because… well… Austin knows his shit! If you do too… and love to dance.. you must check! ; )

MIKE SERVITO (the Bunker – Ghostly – Brooklyn, NY)


Subversive is very excited to present:

MIKE SERVITO (the Bunker – Ghostly – Brooklyn, NY)
ESB (deepen sound – Heart to Heart)

Studio East
1480 Frances Street
doors @ 10pm

On Sept 5, come DANCE with us!

Tickets $15 (earlybird list)

e-mail requests to [email protected]
(we will put you on a will call / will pay $15 list – but hurry this is a limited offer (50 names or Sept 3rd whichever comes first)

$20 at the door

The Bunker – Ghostly – Brooklyn, NY

Mike Servito is from a very special yet temporary and partially lost fertile crescent of techno / house / party DJing. It was a time when raves were still a fresh idea, almost felt like a revolution, and DJs like Claude Young, D Wynn, Derrick Carter and Mike Huckaby were informing an upcoming generation. If you look directly to that inspired generation you will find the lost threads of Detroit Techno, House and beyond, you will find a group of DJs with insanely deep mixing skills, the ability to rock almost any kind of party with an improvisational approach that is so skilled it makes everything seem so well thought out that even they don’t know where their set will go. But, it will take you there! In the future, this special generation of deep midwest mixers will be remembered and revered as the wizards they are, long after the trendy players have lost their luster.

Detroit never forgot about Mike Servito, his upfront dirty deep and bitchy taste has had an impact on Detroit nightlife for over a decade. From debuting in 1995 at Dat’s Poorboy parties, to being a resident at blackbx and Ghostly’s Untitled (along with Derek Plaslaiko, Tadd Mullinix, Matthew Dear, and Ryan Elliott), contributing to the bizarrely popular, wild and free Dorkwave, and progressing that concept into Sass (the hippest queer party in Detroit at the time), to blowing minds at Interdimensional Transmissions’ No Way Back parties, Servito has made his impression. Moving to Brooklyn, Detroit’s loss has been their gain, as he has found a proper home with a new residency at the Bunker, and plays some of the wildest parties the world over!

These two do have bio’s but… need no introduction… if you have heard them play, you know what we are talking about! (If not THIS is your chance to get to know!) Always a proper beat to move your feat! and together they are dynamite!

ESB (deepen sound – Heart to Heart)
ESB (electricsound broadcast) is a music lover and analog fanatic. His personal take on deep house music comes from a history of Vancouver underground culture in the 90s as a Dj, playing in a disco band, hosting space-music jams, reappropriating obsolete recording equipment, and deep respect of synthesizers and the musicians that were masters of them. His own recordings are hands-on productions with thick analog groove and multi-layered sounds. A long time passion for all things synth, and a whole lot of house music influence he lays down a range of disco, house and tech funk with a bit of sideways feel to keep you guessing. This music will make you dance!



Advance tickets at:

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PRIDE SUNDAY! Subversive is proud to present our first ever pride party! A place to keep the party rolling with amazing dance music till late late late ! A welcoming vibe for lovers of seriously good beats… whatever your colour, flavour or bent. We love the spectrum. ♥ Touch the Rainbow!

Miss Shelrawka
Lisa Frank
Nancy Dru

Visuals: Ian Ross.
Sound: Alex Douglas Rakhit

(location details TBA closer to the date!) (shhhh)

Miss Shelrawka (+PLUS Techno, o:BASS:ity)

Blasting onto the Seattle scene with an army of melodies and a head full of funk, Miss Shelrawka (Miss-Shel-RAW-ka) is a welcome transplant from NYC to the West. She’s been lighting dance floors on fire from the Big Apple to the City by the Bay.

She owns a unique style of funky Minimal Techno, Techno, Tech House and House; influenced by everything from indie, punk and 80’s electro to tribal rhythms and classic soul. No matter what, the bass-lines will be saturated with techness and funk!

She has shared decks with Sassmouth (Hej Recordings), Julietta (Harry Klein/Munich), Tony Touch (Funk Box NYC), Gene Hunt (Chicago), Bryan Zentz, Pig (Pig & Dan), John Massey (Sound Rehab/From 0-1), Sone (From 0-1), Drumcell (CLR/Droid) and Mike Parker (Geophone/Prologue)

Miss Shelrawka’s mixing is as clean as her track selection is nasty! Holding her own as creates velvety blends of multi-genre sounds, spanking the decks and delivering unbruised beats! Catch this fresh new face on her way up as she stays busy bringing an original vibe to the underground front lines.

Lisa Frank (♥)

Like the real Lisa Frank’s childhood artwork of rainbows, neon and kaleidoscopic animals, Shawna McLellan’s DJ sets dabble the psychedelic ecstasy of imagination and bounce explosion. DJ Lisa Frank has been spinning her vinyl catalogue of trippy and chromatic music in Vancouver for a few years, playing the scenes most genuine underground venues. Her sets, which consists of acid techno, ghetto, ghettotech, hardcore, Detroit techno, electro, house and disco, aim to please everyone from the Fly Girls to the ‘ardkore junglists.

Abasi (Intimate,

Having discovered and fallen in love with electronic music in 1991, Abasi started collecting and making mixed electronica tapes soon after. A few years and a few hundred gigs later, his record collection has grown beyond control which includes a healthy mix of all genres of music. Abasi owns/spins many different styles, but he currently specializes in house(deep,bass,garage), techno/minimal, electro*, dance-rock, italo/nu disco, disco/funk and mash-up/eclectic.

In addition, Abasi co-created the Intimate Productions crew who rolled up their sleeves back in 2000 and have organized many legendary parties and club nights around town since then. The current list includes Deep End Fridays, Spotted Saturdays and the Legendary Long Weekend series. He has played locally at almost all Vancouver clubs as well as in the UK, US and China, and festivals around BC. His past residencies include SiGNAL, Cheeky, Luscious, Laser Dance, Shaken Not Stirred and Big Trouble. Abasi has also done a few collaborations including the “Team Trainwreck” mash-up trio along with Dr. Jones and Glyn, the “DelayNoMore” DJ duo with Ceebas, and the production duo “Villi Manilli” with Glyn.

The list of international artists which he has had the honour to play with include Richie Hawtin, Moby, Kevin Saunderson, Stacey Pullen, Miss Kittin & The Hacker, Booka Shade, Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, Dennis Ferrer, Alan Braxe, Lifelike, Soul Clap, MANIK, Detroit Grand Pubahs, Matthew Dear/Audion, Akufen, Swayzak, DJ T, Jesse Rose, Hardfloor, Derek Carter, Marshall Jefferson, Llorca, Dirt Crew, Gigamesh, Paco Osuna, Tom Middleton, Chopstick, Fischerspooner, Poolside, Classix, Guns’n’Bombs, LA Riots and Adam Freeland among numerous others. He has also had the pleasure to rock out alongside majority of the amazing local Vancouver party DJs. Catch him when you can and you’ll be in for an aural treat :)

Nancy Dru (Subversive,

Jen P grew up in a large suburb of Vancouver, listening her dad’s strange records, playing goofy melodies on her bontempi, trying to learn guitar but finding reel to reel loops much more appealing. As a result, she has always been obsessed with the stranger end of electronic music.

In 1997 she started online radio stations geekmusic and geekmusic 2, playing IDM of the golden era. She also began producing her own IDM music at this time as The Square Root of Evil, and now has numerous releases under her belt, including two EPs, “Chirping Data” and “Killerbytes”. As well, she has played countless live shows around the world as a producer, including festivals such as Soundwave, Mutek, and Communikey, and alongside such artists as Plaid, Venetian Snares, Books on Tape, FFF, Cursor Miner, and Captain Ahab.

Tastes change, helped by a healthy dose of music festivals such as New Forms, Decibel and Mutek. Gradually Jen found herself enjoying the four on the floor sounds that she had previously brushed off (the 303s didn’t hurt either). In 2011 she helped to start an idm/techno bi-weekly in Vancouver- “”- as a resident DJ (as Nancy Dru), using her experience as a producer to craft danceable sets with some less predictable twists and turns. In 2013 she became part of Vancouver Subversive crew, and has shared the stage with Alland Byallo (Thoughtless), Ryan Elliot (Osgut Ton), Shed (Monkeytown, Delsin), Kangding Ray (Raster Noton, Stroboscopic Artefacts), and more- playing deep & dark techno sounds that appeal to the brain as well as the body.

A portion of the proceeds from this event will go to A Loving Spoonful ( and Girls Rock Camp Vancouver (


September 30, 2011 10pm till late

W2 Media Cafe (Deep underground)
111 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC

Subversive and W2 are proud to present

Blackflag Recordings, DETROIT

Stacey Pullen is the Kosmik Messenger. An innovator from the second wave of Detroit techno, he grew up under the mentorship of Detroit’s legendary three: Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson. Still continuing to produce his characteristic atmosphere laden electronic sound, Stacey Pullen compounds his reputation as a producer with that of being one of the world’s most in demand DJs, playing weekly across the globe year in year out. With a font of passion for music and performance that never dries up, Stacey Pullen still plays every gig from the heart, seeking to surprise and engage, to provide an unforgettable experience, to offer his unique catalogue up without predictability, defying expectation. Above all, from his earliest attempts to the current day Stacey Pullen has stayed true to his one goal: to become and to always be an Innovator.

TJ HOOKER (Subversive)

Tom Jeffrey emerged into Vancouver’s underground house and techno scene in 2006 as TJ Hooker, bringing with him a captivating style of house and techno that has set him apart from the rest of the crowd, especially in Vancouver’s underground electronic music scene. In five years, he has already dominated numerous clubs and parties with his diverse collection of music. From tracks that are deep, dark, and druggy to twisted, bass driven industrial sounds that generate an incomparable vibe on the dance floor, while on the other side of things, his timeless selections of Detroit techno, dub, acid, rare groove, and deep house allows Tom to play at any venue and to please any crowd.

Scott W

Words can barely describe the wizardry and discerning taste of Vancouver’s guru of exquisite vinyl. A Scott W. set must be experienced to be understood and believed. This is quality shit yo. Don’t miss one of the Subversive crew’s favourite local hero’s throwing down the very best and some of the very rarest of the good stuff.

Miss Myte (Aspect Media)

Miss Myte has become a name synonymous with quality underground house and techno. Playing in clubs, outdoor festivals, and intimate after-hour parties over the last 7 years, she has had the honour of sharing the stage with the likes of M.A.N.D.Y., Miss Kittin & the Hacker, Alex Smoke, John Tejada, Tyler Stadius, Jay Tripwire, Adam Marshall, J. Hunsberger and DVS1. We love what (and how) Lyndsy plays music… we KNOW your feet and booty will too!

$20 advance tickets available at W2 media Cafe (111 West Hastings) Beatstreet, Vinyl and all Puff locations.

Carlo Lio @ Open Studios // September 10th

carlo lio

Carlo Lio was a blast! thanks to all the many many peeps who came out to make this the amazing rager it was!

Here is a clip from the event… TJ Hooker closing out the night… with his signature basement techno sounds
if you got more let us know. photo.php?v=286879047996084
If music is the Universal language then Toronto Native, Carlo Lio is surely multilingual. It is this universal appeal that has allowed Carlo to speak to so many people without ever having to say a word. His ability to capture sounds and emit them so expressively is a gift. Music has always been a priority in Carlo’s life; anyone who witnesses him gracing the decks can attest to this. Carlo can turn a careful observer into a dancer through the raw emotion and passion in his music. Music is a language; it is a means of connectivity, intimacy and communication and Carlo has brilliantly captured and shared this with his fans.

As a DJ, producer: & businessman. His continued efforts both in and out of the booth have paid off. Teaming up with studio partner Nathan Barato to create Rawthentic Music, Carlo has been pounding out numerous quality hits which have received plenty of local & International support. His unique signature style that’s driven by a relentless, sexy, hypnotic, techy groove is sure to leave you mesmerized.

Carlo has so instinctively tapped into that ‘human experience’ that millions of club goers have sought after and has taken so many on a journey into sound. With his flawless and imaginative mixing and his mind-blowing programming, Carlo preaches a gospel of repetitive beats. His fast, deep pulsing tech-house, or groovy, chuggy minimal are inspirational and he credits his latest sound to his most current influences; Dubfire, Marco Carola, Carl Cox and Loco Dice.

Carlo is a musical visionary and a leader in Toronto’s club culture, which has earned him an international reputation and a busy global touring schedule. If you have a yearning hunger for the beat, just open wide; Carlo will satisfy your mind, body and soul and leave you salivating for more.

With DJ’s

TJ Hooker
Dan Bull
Snailrider vs Robin Bank$

mix on soundcloud:

Maetrik (a.k.a Maceo Plex) @ Open Studios – May 21, 2011

Update : Due to a illness Maetrik was unable to make it to vancouver for this one, the show will be rescheduled for a later date, keep checking back for more info

Maetrik (Treibstoff/Mothership, Valencia Spain)
with DJs:
TJ Hooker
Austin Phillips
Stefan Z

From his base in Valencia, Spain; Eric Estornel has been releasing some of the most unique music in the industry. Under the names Maetrik, Mariel Ito, Plaex, and Maceo Plex, his sounds are in great demand for their rich dynamic production and unique blend of techno, house, funk and electro.
In 2010 alone Maetrik / Maceo Plex had releases on labels like Cocoon, Audiomatique, Crosstown Rebels, Dumb Unit, and Mothership. This year, Eric is busy with remixes of M.A.N.D.Y. & Booka Shade, Timo Maas and Adam Beyer among others. Eric is holding strong to his quest for the future of dance. Whether working on his “other worldly” compositions as Maetrik, or his innovative dark house music as Maceo Plex, There is no doubt Eric has always stayed true to what comes from his heart or his sometimes choatic mind. This will be a night that will move your body, soul, and mind.”

Subversive Presents: DVS1 (Hush/Prologue/Klockworks/Transmat )


Subversive has looked into the depths of the realm of underground techno, and are proud to bring you a very special artist. For those of you who like your sounds stripped down, raw, gritty, dark, druggy and twisted, DVS1 is going to melt your grey matter!

DVS1 (Prologue/ Transmat – Klockworks / Minneapolis, Minnesota)

TJ Hooker (Subversive / Black Knights )
Miss Myte ( Aspect Media)
Caleb Fox (Subversive / Black Knights )

DVS1 is one of the most prominent figures in the Midwest/US dance music landscape today. A Twin Cities DJ favourite since the mid nineties, he continues to move floors with a combination of deep musical knowledge, unparalleled enthusiasm, and a vinyl collection of more than 10,000 records. Headlining at such renown clubs as Fabric and Berghain… they’ve sat up and taken notice in London and Berlin. We’ve taken notice and been inspired out here on the wet coast too… and we KNOW you will be moved by DVS1’s incredible selections and be amazed by his skills.

This is sure to be an unforgettable night of mindblowing beats!

DVS1 delivered his first original production in late 2009, on Ben Klock’s Klockworks label, which placed him immediately on a global stage, receiving widespread acclaim from his peers. In the early months of 2010 he followed this up with an EP on Derrick May’s legendary Transmat label, an indicator of the level of quality that he has now established after only two releases. Further music is slated for release on Luke Slater’s Mote Evolver label, Perc Trax, Synewave and a further offering for Klockworks will cement his position among electronic music tastemakers.

As a producer, DVS1 makes music that is simple, effective and captures the feeling of the moment. As a DJ, he is a consummate performer, never mapping out his sets ahead of time, but always opting to craft sets spontaneously within the context of the moment. Often choosing to bring more than one bag of vinyl to each performance, each of his sets is a one-of-a-kind personal expression, never again to be repeated.

Musically, his style has evolved from initial inspirations of the acid sounds of the early 90’s scene in New York, into something deeper and more complex, following a migration to Minneapolis in later years. Since then, he has branched out into a wide variety of sounds – from hard and fast, to deep and hypnotic, to slow and soulful. Rather than giving limiting names to the genres he plays, he describes the music as beats, rhythms, textures, and colors. His philosophy is that the genre distinctions themselves aren’t important – only the emotional content of the music. This focus is readily apparent in the way he moves crowds, both literally and figuratively.

DVS1’s deep roots and his bold and uncompromising nature have won him great respect as a passionate and outspoken defender and promoter of quality music. Choosing to paint coherent, evocative, and powerful moods always appropriate for the time and place he is playing, he has not yet even begun to reach his full potential. With a truly unique approach to techno, DVS1 is a huge talent in the making.

$20 Tickets @ the door!

Photos from the Rick Wade show!

Over 450 smiling faces, lost in the deep grooves played by Rick Wade, MITIM, Scott W, And TJ, a market place with very cool cats showcasing their amazing art, Darby’s juicy sound system and mad man Miles’ twisted laser creating a surreal vibe new to Vancouver.

Ah heck, screw the mental picture, here are some real photos taken that night!

Photos By : Peter D

Photos from the Rick Wade show!

Subversive Presents: Rick Wade (Detroit) – March 19th @ W2

Subversive is Proud to bring you the king of all things deep, Mr. Rick Wade (Detroit – Harmonie Park ) March 19, 2011

With DJ’s, Scott W – TJ Hooker – MITIM.
and AMAZING visuals from AUTO64 (SYDNEY/BERLIN) (aka Tom Phillipson)


TICKETS 15$ and up


Every legend has a “Once Upon A Time.” The story of the now-legendary sound of Rick Wade begins in small-town western Michigan, less than an hour from Chicago’s South Side. In the late 70’s, when Chicago’s Warehouse was groovin’ to Frankie Knuckles, and the Philly, Salsoul and Classic Deep sounds were being pumped on the airwaves of WBMX, Rick Wade was just a small boy with a transistor radio glued to his ear.

In a 1999 interview with the editors of, Rick remembers: “The mixes were really smooth and I remember how amazing I thought it was when they would blend two records together. It was back then that I knew I wanted to be a DJ just so I could blend records together and try to come up with something new.”

Deep House, in its infancy, took hold of Rick Wade’s imagination just like the funky rhythms of Isaac Hayes and Curtis Mayfield had taken hold of his heart.

By the early 80s, Rick was making tapes for his friends at school and spinning at basement parties, controlling the pitch on his turntables by holding his finger on the record label. Within a few years, Rick Wade was off to college at the University of Michigan, performing at frat parties and gigging off-and-on at the infamous Nectarine Ballroom. Rick “24k” Wade (as he was known in those days) was quickly gaining notoriety for his smooth blends and deep house grooves.

At that same time, the Nectarine Ballroom was writing another page in music history as the home of Detroit techno pioneer Jeff “The Wizard” Mills. On Ann Arbor’s WCBN, Rick started the popular Saturday night dance show “Journey to the Land of House.” The early 90s found Rick Wade, at one point, doing three radio mixshows a week while at the same time spinning at various clubs in and around Detroit.

In 1993, Rick built his own recording studio and began producing his own distinctive brand of bangin’ deep house material on his own label: Harmonie Park Records. Harmonie Park productions began to attract the attention of critics and record producers worldwide, just as Rick’s mixshows and live DJ sets had attracted a following in the Detroit area.

Today, Rick Wade enjoys a reputation as one of the premier House mixshow producers in the world and his studio productions appear on over 15 different labels worldwide. In December Õ99 Rick was featured in the special double edition Germany’s D2000 Magazine as their ÒDJ of the MonthÓ.

“Quantum Expressions,” the latest Rick Wade EP on Detroit’s Moods & Grooves label, is listed on dance charts around the globe. In March 2000, the recording holds #9 on Germany’s Groove Magazine Top 50 and #1 on Australia’s Hype Magazine Top 30.

“Deep Threats,” the debut production of the new German label ATC, was even featured on Spain’s Top Radio 106.1 FM as #12 on Kiko Navarro’s playlist.

“Mr. Harmonie Park” hasn’t lost touch with the live club scene that energizes his sound. Having spun along side world-class DJs such as Jeff Mills, Claude Young and Mike Huckaby, Rick has played every major underground club in Detroit. No one can forget the celebrated “Capricorn” party at the “Science” club in which Rick and Mike “Agent X” Clark performed a non-stop 8-hour set.

Rick was also the feature DJ at Mike Huckaby’s well-known “Deep Transportation” release party. Held at the “Motor Lounge”, Rick’s set was simulcast live on 89X’s underground mixshow “Maximum Overdrive”.

“Deep Transportation” is also the phrase that best describes a Rick Wade set. Rick exposes the music to the crowd, taking the vibe to an emotional peak where it merges with the body, mind, and spirit into a continuous musical orgasm that continues long after the set is over. Rick has received accolades at San Francisco’s “Staple” and thunderous cheers at “Mettle” in Toronto. The blends are so smooth and tight that party-goers have actually checked to see if Rick was really spinning live or playing pre-recorded, studio-produced deep house megamixes. Fans soon discover that every Rick Wade set is fresh and spontaneous, drawing its energy directly from the unique vibe of the party.

Having produced mixshows for top-rated underground programs such as the highly respected London-based pirate show “Still Waters” and RTR-FM’s “Ben Stinga Show,” Australia’s cutting-edge source of deep underground tracks, Rick Wade’s future looks extremely positive. He plans to step up his focus on live DJ appearances, using his international reputation to establish a presence in clubs and parties around the world.